ĀR RÄ is a national recording artist that created "osothecrew" to empower people of all colors, shapes, and sizes to just be themselves. We live in a world where society will forcibly encourage individuals to feel less about themselves due to social status and societal standards. "Osothecrew is a movement intended to remind people that if we were all the same, then we would not be different", says CEO ĀR RÄ. "Different is good! Different brings about inspiration! Inspiration brings about change! With change comes a new way of life! Young men and women of America are the different that will bring about the inspiration to change a nation" he says. "Our children are being taught to do anything and everything for money. We to believe that money is necessary to live, but is it really worth dying for? I mean, we're talking about a man made object and concept that deteriorates, and even expires (MONEY). Our communities have become over run by drugs and crime, and all for the love of money. We have become less interested in owning businesses and being positive influences in our communities and more interested in destructing them. We should only be willing to bet our lives on things that will last a lifetime! Like positive change! Let's educate our young minorities on money management! Let's encourage our young women to be more than objects! Let's pool together our resources to become as united as we say we are! We have to be better for the generations to come! And it starts now! Be you! Be positive! Stay oso!"

- @osothecrew